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Pettit Environmental Preserve

The Margaret and Luke Pettit Environmental Preserve provides environment based education programs that reinforce Georgia Performance Standards in science, math, language skills and arts. The Preserve seeks to make learning fun by integrating practical knowledge and application for each of these academic disciplines and can tailor a program to suit the needs of educators (K-12) as well as other organizations such as 4H, Scout, or other civic organizations regardless of age. We also offer a “Reserve the Preserve” option that could provide educational birthday party or corporate event possibilities. We support the concept of “No Child Left Inside”. Studies indicate a greater growth in both academic and social skills when environmental concepts are integrated with work in the classroom. We encourage scientific investigation and the use of available technologies to help prepare students with critical thinking skills necessary for problem solving abilities that are so crucial in preparation for future careers that support the success of a sustainable and economical society. We hope that our efforts will reconnect and deeply instill in our students of all ages a broader perspective, increased respect and a better understanding of why conservation of key areas is so important to maintaining the livable conditions of our own human habitat. Knowing that scientific study is man’s attempt to understand the natural environment, and that math, language skills and arts are the methods used to document that knowledge (as well as replicate its beauty), we believe in protecting such natural laboratories as the Pettit Preserve for future generations.